VGNS Welcomes You

What makes Village Green different?


Our curriculum follows the Connecticut State Early Learning and Development Standards. It’s designed to foster all areas of a child’s development including: Social/Emotional, physical, cognitive, and language skills. Our themes encompass:

  • Community Awareness
  • Multicultural
  • Children’s book authors
  • Nature
  • Shapes and colors
  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Health and safety

To view the skills we incorporate into our lesson plans, check out our child skills checklist. Our goal is that all children master each skill before entering kindergarten.

Family Involvement

Village Green is a family oriented school. We offer a program that invites the whole family to become involved!

  • Open door policy that encourages parents to visit the classroom.
  • Volunteer opportunities for special classroom activities and chaperones for field trips.
  • Share a talent or cultural information.
  • Parent/Teach conferences
  • Workshops
  • Lending library for parenting materials
  • Parents on our Board of Directors

Daily Activities

Our programs provide a balance of unstructured and structured, active and quiet times:

  • Choice Time: Learning centers are set up around the room for children to explore.
  • Large Group Activities: A time to discuss the daily theme, sing songs, read books, etc.
  • Small Group Activity: One teacher works with a small group of children, focusing on a specific skill. This may involve art, science, games, or movement activities that incorporate the skill.
  • Snack: Parents provide a healthy snack for the class on a rotating schedule.
  • Outdoor Play: We have a fenced in playground behind the school. Play equipment includes a sandbox, balance beam, play house, crawl tube, and much more. It is an opportunity for children to use outside voices, release energy, and develop gross motor skills.

To view activities in more detail, check out our Daily Schedule.

Lending Library

The Therese MacCallum Lending Library contains a large collection of books for children to choose from. Children visit the library once a week to borrow a book.

The library also offers a parent section that includes parenting books, picture books for parents to read to children dealing with such issues as moving, new siblings, and death. We also have science, math, music, and literacy kits for parents to explore with their children.

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We are a small, non-profit nursery school in Connecticut. We are concerned with all things early childhood, preschool, and family related.

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