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Village Green follows a play based, relationship building philosophy. Our students spend the majority of the day in intentional play with materials provided by the teachers. We follow the CT ELDS for developmentally appropriate standards as well as the CTDOTS for observations and assessments.

COVID at preschool

Covid is a serious issue. As a program, we are working with the local health department to follow the recommendations of the CDC. Everyone must wear a mask while in the building. Staff must follow the regulations of the OEC. We are cleaning the toys and classrooms on a frequent, regular basis.

We are hiring for September 2022!

If you are interested in being an assistant teacher in one of our classrooms please send your resume to vgns@fccsouthington.org

We are hiring assistant teachers for MWF or TTH from 8-2, though some hours are more flexible. We will train you in First Aid, CPR, and Med Admin. Those with a CDA or willing to obtain one on a scholarship are encouraged to apply!

37 Main Street
Southington, CT

Please call 860 628 6958 ext 113
to schedule an appointment for a tour.